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Qantas’ newest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which features a unique Indigenous livery, touched down in Alice Springs today.

The livery showcases the artwork of the late Northern Territory artist and senior Anmatyerre woman, Emily Kame Kngwarreye*. Based on her 1991 painting, Yam Dreaming, the design depicts the culturally significant yam plant, an important symbol in Emily’s Dreaming stories and a staple food source in her home region of Utopia, 230km north-east of Alice Springs.

Adapted by leading Indigenous owned design studio Balarinji, this special livery took a team of 60 people more than 10 days to complete.

The aircraft touched down in Alice Springs shortly after dawn following a 13,000km journey from Boeing’s Seattle facility and was warmly received by members of Emily’s family, who were joined by government officials and local community members.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said it was an honour to be in Alice Springs to receive the airline’s newest Dreamliner with Indigenous livery.

“It is a privilege to welcome home this special aircraft together with Emily’s family, close to her home Country. We’re thrilled to showcase her striking artwork on our newest Dreamliner.

“As the aircraft enters our international fleet, we believe this Dreamliner, through colour and image, will tell a story of our unique Australian landscape and, by sharing our Indigenous culture with the world, the

important story of reconciliation,” said Mr. Joyce.

Registered as VH-ZND, this aircraft carries the fifth design in the Qantas Flying Art Series which started more than 20 years ago and is the only one dedicated to international flights.

It will fly several domestic services for crew familiarisation before it enters service on international routes in late March.

The aircraft is the fourth Dreamliner to enter the Qantas fleet, following the arrival of Great Southern Land, Waltzing Matilda and Quokka.

*Emily Kame Kngwarreye (pron. Emily Karma Nung-war-ray).

The livery based on Emily’s Yam Dreaming artwork took:
A team of more than 60 graphic designers, engineers and painters at Boeing’s Seattle facility worked with Balarinji to install the design onto the aircraft, taking more than ten days to complete.
There are close to 5000 dots on the aircraft.
This aircraft will be the second in the Flying Art series currently in service alongside a B737-800, named Mendoowoorrji.
Qantas has worked with Indigenous owned design studio Balarinji for more than two decades on aircraft livery projects and other design work, including the Peter Morrissey uniform of 2003.
Yam Dreaming, 1991 is part of the Campbelltown City Council Permanent Collection and can be viewed at Campbelltown Arts Centre. The work was purchased in 1995 by Campbelltown City Council with assistance from the Australia Council.
Five Qantas aircraft have been painted in Indigenous designs, with Wunala Dreaming carried on two separate aircraft.
Qantas has a long-term commitment to reconciliation and the promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and economic development. Since the mid-1990s, Qantas has actively promoted the employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and celebrated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through unique customer experiences, including the Flying Art Series.
Qantas is committed to ethical and transparent sourcing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art and is proud to be a supporter of the Indigenous Art Code.


Born in 1910 at Ahalkere in the Utopia Homelands, Emily Kame Kngwarreye is recognised worldwide as one of Australia’s most significant artists of the late 20th Century.
Her paintings influenced a change in the direction of Australian Aboriginal art from the use of traditional iconography to an open abstract landscape.
Working as a stock hand, she became very familiar with the local Utopia landscape and her paintings are maps of her traditional lands.
Emily’s paintings, depict the Utopia of her ancestors. Emily began painting quite late in her life, when she was almost 80 years of age.

VIETNAM AIRLINES - A350-900 - F-WZFN msn 197 (VN-A897)

Alain Charpentier - TLS

SUNRISE AIRWAYS - B737-8K5 - OK-TVP (ex Travel Service)

SCL SPOTTER | Kenneth Brown
Santigo do Chile - Chile

INDIGO - ATR-72-600 - F-WWEJ

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SCL SPOTTER | Kenneth Brown
Santiago do Chile - Chile

Qatar Airways set to grow longhaul ops despite blockade

Qatar Airways (QR, Doha Hamad Int'l) has announced that it will add sixteen new international destinations to its network in 2018 and 2019, defying the ongoing blockade of Qatar by some of the neighbouring Arab states.

"During the blockade, Qatar Airways continued its expansion; it continued its march ahead. We kept our country supplied and we became prouder as a nation. Today, we are more independent than we were nine months ago. We are very defiant, and Qatar Airways will keep on expanding and keep on raising the flag for my country all over the globe," CEO Akbar Al Baker said during the ongoing ITB Berlin trade fair on March 7.

Qatar Airways plans to add previously unannounced routes to Luxembourg, London Gatwick, Lisbon, Tallinn Lennart Meri, Malta, Cebu, Davao, Da Nang, Bodrum Milas, Antalya, and Malaga.

The list also included previously announced routes to Thessaloniki (from March 27), Hatay (from April 4), Cardiff (from May 1), and Mykonos (from May 30).

Qatar Airways will be the sole operator on all of these city pairs.
The carrier has also announced it will increase the frequency of its Malé route to 3x daily.

The Qatari carrier has faced operational difficulties since June 5, 2017, when Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Egypt, collectively severed diplomatic ties with Doha and closed their respective airspaces to Qatar-registered aircraft. This blockade subsequently forced Qatar Airways to cut some 20% of its capacity, in addition to re-routing a number of flights to avoid embargoed airspace.

Qatar Airways S18 service changes as of 08MAR18

Qatar Airways on Thursday (08MAR18) filed additional changes to its summer 2018 operation. Latest adjustment as follow.

Doha – Athens eff 01JUL18 1 of 3 daily QR203/204 operated by 777-300ER, replacing A330
Doha – Denpasar eff 25MAR18 Further capacity increase, all 3 daily operated by 777-300ER, instead of previously scheduled 2 daily 777 and 1 daily 787 (787 operates 1 of 3 daily QR964/965 01MAY18 – 30JUN18 from DOH)

Doha – Frankfurt eff 01MAY18 QR067/068 A350-900XWB replaces 777-300ER, previously scheduled from 01OCT18
Doha – Munich 2 daily service continues to see LATAM Airlines Brasil A350-900XWB operating. Selected dates operated by Qatar A350

Previously reported changes:

Doha – Algiers eff 25MAR18 A330-200/-300 replaces A340-600, 1 daily
Doha – Antalya 13JUN18 – 30SEP18 2 weekly A320, new seasonal route
Doha – Atlanta eff 25MAR18 A350-900XWB replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
Doha – Bangkok eff 25MAR18 Increase from 5 to 6 daily, QR980/981 operated by 787-8 (777-300ER from 26MAR18)

Doha – Barcelona Operational aircraft changes, following aircraft replaces previously filed A350-900XWB

QR137/138 787-8 continues operating 3 weekly, service increases to 7 weekly from 01JUL18. 777-300ER replaces 787-8 from 03JUL18 to 01SEP18

QR141/142 787-8 continues operating 4 weekly

QR145/146 A340-600 continues operating 1 daily, replaced by 777-300ER from 01SEP18 (777 also scheduled on 01JUL18 and 02JUL18)
Doha – Basra eff 25MAR18 QR446/447 A319 replaces previously planned A320 (Overall 1 daily each A319/320)

Doha – Belgrade eff 25MAR18 A321 replaces A320, 1 daily

Doha – Berlin Tegel eff 25MAR18 777-300ER continues to operate 1 daily, replacing previously filed A330-200/-300

Doha – Bodrum 12JUN18 – 28SEP18 2 weekly A320, new seasonal route

Doha – Brussels eff 25MAR18 777-300ER replaces previously planned A350-900XWB, 1 daily

Doha – Bucharest eff 25MAR18 A321 continues to operate 2 daily, replacing previously filed 1 daily each A319/320

Doha – Budapest QR199/200 operational aircraft changes, A320 replaced by following:

25MAR18 – 31JUL18 A321

01AUG18 – 27OCT18 A330-200 (Selected dates by -300 in Oct 2018)

Doha – Cardiff eff 01MAY18 New route, 1 daily 787-8 service

Doha – Casablanca 15JUN18 – 30SEP18 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 2 weekly

Doha – Casablanca – Marrakech – Doha 13JUN18 – 29SEP18 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 5 weekly

Doha – Copenhagen A350-900XWB to replace 787-8 on following service:

eff 01AUG18 QR163/164 (1 daily)

eff 01SEP18 QR161/162 (3 weekly), QR159/160 (4 weekly)

Doha – Denpasar eff 25MAR18 QR960/961 777-300ER replaces A330-300 (Overall 2 daily 777 and 1 daily 787)

Doha – Edinburgh eff 01JUL18 A350-900XWB replaces 787-8, 1 daily

Doha – Frankfurt eff 25MAR18 777-300ER continues to operate 2 daily, replacing previously filed A350 (A350-900XWB operates QR067/068 from 01OCT18)

Doha – Geneva eff 25MAR18 A350-900XWB continues to operate 1 daily, instead of previously filed 3 weekly 787 and 4 weekly A350 from 25MAR18 to 30JUN18

Doha – Guangzhou eff 02OCT18 777-300ER operates on Day 2 (Day 3 from CAN), replacing A380

Doha – Hanoi 1 daily nonstop service commenced on 01JAN18, is available for booking on/after 25MAR18 from this week, Boeing 787-8 operating

Doha – Hatay eff 04APR18 New route, 3 weekly A320 service

Doha – Ho Chi Minh City
eff 25MAR18 A330-300 operates 1 daily, replacing previously filed -200

eff 01JUN18 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly, QR972/973 operated by 787-8

eff 01JUL18 Increase from 10 to 14 weekly

Doha – Hong Kong eff 25MAR18 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 2 daily

Doha – Johannesburg eff 25MAR18 QR1359/1360 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 3 weekly (Overall 14 weekly 777-300ER)

Doha – Johannesburg – Durban eff 26MAR18 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 4 weekly

Doha – Kolkata A330-200 replaces 787-8 on selected dates in April 2018

Doha – Kuala Lumpur
30APR18 – 30MAY18 QR844/845 A350-900XWB operating, replacing A340-600

eff 01JUL18 Increase from 21 to 24 weekly

Doha – Lahore eff 02APR18 A350-900XWB operates minimum once a week
Doha – London Gatwick eff 22MAY18 Service resumption since May 2011, 2 daily Boeing 787-8. Service increases to 16 weekly (QR331/332 2 weekly) from 15JUN18 to 29SEP18

Doha – Madrid Operational aircraft changes

QR147/148 787-8 continues operating 3 weekly, replaced by 777-300ER from 01JUL18

QR149/150 Planned A350-900XWB service remains unchanged, 1 daily

QR151/152 Planned A350-900XWB service remains unchanged, 4 weekly. 7 weekly from 01JUL18

Doha – Malaga 04JUN18 – 30SEP18 4 weekly Boeing 787-8, new route. Subject to Government Approval
Doha – Miami eff 25MAR18 A350-900XWB continues operating 1 daily, replacing previously filed 777-300ER

Doha – Milan Malpensa
QR117/118 4 weekly A330 (787-8 from 01SEP18)

QR127/128 eff 01JUL18 777-300ER replaces A330, 1 daily

eff 02JUL18 Increase from 3 to 7 weekly. Overall service to MXP increases from 14 to 18 weekly

eff 02JUL18 4 of 7 weekly operated by 777-300ER, replacing A330. 7 weekly 777-300ER from 02SEP18

Doha – Moscow Domodedovo eff 25MAR18 3rd daily service maintained. Following flights/dates to be operated by 777-300ER for World Cup:

QR233/234 08JUN18 / 12JUN18 / 16JUL18 / 17JUL18

QR223/224 16JUL18 / 17JUL18

Doha – Muscat eff 01JUL18 Increase from 5 to 6 daily
Doha – Mykonos 30MAY18 – 30SEP18 4 weekly A320, new seasonal route
Doha – Nairobi eff 25MAR18 QR1335/1336 operated by A330-200/-300, replacing A320 (Overall 3 daily flights)

Doha – Paris CDG 02MAY18 – 30SEP18 QR041/042 Day x23 operated by A380, replacing 777-300ER. Overall A380 service increase from 7 to 12 weekly
Doha – Penang eff 01JUL18 Increase from 3 to 4 weekly, 787-8 operating
Doha – Perth eff 01MAY18 A380 replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
Doha – Phuket Operational aircraft changes:

QR840/841 eff 25MAR18 787-8 operates daily, replacing mix of A330-200/787-8 (A350-900XWB operates on selected dates in August 2018)

QR842/843 777-300ER replaced by

25MAR18 – 30JUN18 787-8

01JUL18 – 27OCT18 A350-900XWB

Doha – Rome eff 25MAR18 Increase from 14 to 16 weekly, 20 weekly from 02JUL18

Doha – Shiraz eff 25MAR18 A330 continues to operate 4 weekly flights

Doha – Stockholm Arlanda eff 01JUN18 787-8 continues to operate 2 daily. Planned 1 of 2 daily operated by A350-900XWB is cancelled Doha – Thessaloniki eff 27MAR18 NEW 4 weekly A320 service

Doha – Tokyo Narita eff 25MAR18 777-300ER replaces -200LR, 1 daily

Doha – Tunis eff 25MAR18 A330-300 replaces A320, 1 daily (Previous plan: A330-200/-300)

Doha – Venice eff 25MAR18 A330-300 continues to operate majority of summer season on daily basis, replacing -200

Doha – Vienna eff 01JUN18 7 of 12 weekly operated by A350-900XWB, replacing 787-8

Doha – Windhoek eff 25MAR18 787-8 continues to operate 5 weekly. Increase from 5 to 7 weekly from 01JUL18 to 31AUG18

Doha – Yangon eff 19APR18 3 weekly terminator service (Overall service to Yangon increases from 5 to 7 weekly from 25MAR18)

Doha – Yangon – Chiang Mai – Doha eff 19APR18 4 weekly A319LR service, subject to government approval. Summer operation to Chiang Mai replaces terminator 4 weekly A330-200 service
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Boeing Expands Pilot Development Program with Okay Airways

Boeing will oversee screening, selection and training of 100 Okay Airways pilot cadets over the next five years
Cadet training for YTO Airlines and Kunming Airlines underway

SHANGHAI, March 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) has expanded its commercial Pilot Development Program (PDP) with the addition of Okay Airways to its growing customer list. The airline joins recent customers Kunming Airlines and YTO Airlines. All three carriers are based in China.

Through the Pilot Development Program, Boeing works with a network of flight schools around the globe to provide airlines with comprehensive commercial training including screening PDP cadets, managing student performance and correction, and developing commercial pilot training courses and materials. The comprehensive program includes ab-initio—pilot training from zero-flight-hour experience through advanced flight training—and is designed to develop cadets into 737 type-rated first officers.

"This strategic cooperation deepens our relationship with Boeing, and allows us to lay a solid foundation for training and a steady stream of talent," said Dr. Li Zonglin, CEO of Okay Airways. "The Pilot Development Program offers pragmatic and effective training, with continuous improvement of training quality."

"Boeing's Pilot Development Program is just one way that our Boeing Global Services team is delivering solutions to meet the needs of customers, both in China and around the globe," said Keith Cooper, vice president of Training & Professional Services, Boeing Global Services. "The commercial aviation market is experiencing an unprecedented demand for pilots, and we anticipate this to continue for the next several years. We're committed to supporting the full lifecycle of an aircraft, and through our training business, we're helping to ensure that our airline customers have pilots available to fly them."

Atlas Air Worldwide acquires two ex-LATAM B777 freighters

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings has announced it has acquired two B777-Fs from LATAM Airlines Group for an undisclosed sum.

The US operator holding said in a statement the former LATAM Cargo Chile machines would be placed with its Southern Air (9S, Cincinnati Int'l) unit which would operate them for DHL Express. The first of the aircraft to enter service under the ACMI contract was previously operated on a CMI (crew, maintenance and insurance) basis for DHL Express by Southern Air. It is due in service this month with the second to follow in June.
“These 777 freighters enhance our position in this attractive aircraft type and are consistent with our strategy of growing the operations that we acquired as part of Southern Air,” Atlas Air Worldwide President and Chief Executive Officer William J. Flynn said.
Atlas Air is currently in discussions with a banking syndicate to finance the two 2012-vintage aircraft and expects to close the financing transaction during the second quarter of this year.

For its part, Southern Air currently operates five B777(F)s and five B737-400(F)s.
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Ton Jochems - AMS

QUESHM AIR - A319-100 - EP-SAS

Ton Jochems - BRU

Boeing, Hawaiian Airlines Announce Purchase of 10 787 Dreamliners

Hawaiian switches to market-leading Dreamliner for its large airplane of the future
- 787's superior performance gives Hawaiian flexibility to increase capacity and expand service

SEATTLE, March 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing [NYSE:BA] and Hawaiian Airlines announced today that the carrier has selected the market-leading 787 Dreamliner as its flagship airplane for medium to long-haul flights. As part of the selection, Hawaiian intends to purchase 10 787-9 jets valued at $2.82 billion at list prices. Hawaiian also has purchase rights for 10 additional 787s.
The Honolulu-based airline, which has steadily grown its award-winning service connecting the Hawaiian Islands with Asia and North America, had been conducting an extensive evaluation of its airplane requirements. In selecting the 787, Hawaiian will be able to take advantage of the Dreamliner family's superior fuel efficiency, range and passenger-pleasing features to enhance its operations and open new routes profitably. Boeing's competitive advantage was also enhanced by Boeing Global Services. Hawaiian will use a number of new aircraft transition support services from BGS, including Training and Initial Provisioning to ensure a successful and on-time entry into service.

The 787-9 can carry about 290 passengers on flights of about 7,635 nautical miles (14,140 km), while using 20 percent less fuel and emitting 20 percent fewer emissions than the airplanes it replaces.

"The Dreamliner's operational efficiency and superior guest experience make it the best aircraft for modernizing our fleet in 2021 and beyond," said Peter Ingram, president and chief executive officer of Hawaiian Airlines. "Its expanded seat capacity and extended range will allows us to expand within our current route network and offer new destinations in the Asia-Pacific region."

Boeing and Hawaiian Airlines will work toward finalizing this new airplane order and it will be reflected in the monthly update of Boeing's Orders & Deliveries website.

"Hawaiian Airlines has been on an impressive growth trajectory as they strategically expanded service to and from Asia and North America. We are thrilled they have chosen the 787 Dreamliner to power the next stage of their expansion," said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO, Kevin McAllister. "The Dreamliner's advanced technology, unmatched fuel efficiency, and passenger-pleasing cabin will optimize Hawaiian's fleet for the future and provide their customers with a best in-class experience."

The 787 is the fastest selling twin-aisle airplane in Boeing history. Since entering service in 2011, the 787 family is flying more than 1,500 routes and has made possible more than 170 new nonstop routes around the world.

Safety First gets a digital upgrade

New app and website for Airbus’ premier publication on aviation safety

‘Safety First’ gets to the heart of the Airbus commitment to ensuring its products and the people who fly on them experience the highest levels of safety; more than just a slogan, it’s also the name of its magazine written for industry professionals and devoted to sharing information and lessons learned.

Low accident rates in the aviation industry are themselves no accident; to achieve them, information sharing in a spirit of openness and transparency is necessary – principles to which Airbus is dedicated. Airbus has been regularly communicating on safety topics since 1995 with a magazine initially called Hangar Flying, and subsequently named Safety First since 2005.

In an effort to ensure that both current and historical safety content is easily available in the ways that modern audiences want to access it, Safety First is now available via a new app for Android and Apple smartphone and tablet devices.

A multi-channel approach for Airbus safety information

Airbus is putting in place a full multi-channel approach toward safety information with an initial publishing frequency of every six weeks for the apps, and the launch of a dedicated Safety First website as well. The apps are now available and ready to download at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store; the website will be available by summer 2018.

Readers can also subscribe to receive email notifications when Safety First articles are published. Since many readers prefer PDF or paper copies, these versions of the Safety First magazine will continue to be published every January and July.

American adds 737 MAX 8 service to Santiago DO in S18

American Airlines in summer 2018 season further expands planned Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft service to the Dominican Republic, scheduled during peak season. The 737 MAX 8 will enter service on Miami – Santiago (Dominican Republic) route, from 07JUN18 to 20AUG18, operating once a day.

AA1245 MIA1215 – 1420STI 7M8 D
AA2365 MIA1745 – 1954STI 738 D
AA1306 STI0808 – 1025MIA 738 D
AA1245 STI1515 – 1740MIA 7M8 D

The 737 MAX 8 will once again serve this route once a day from 19DEC18.
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Marcelo Fouquet de Biasi

Aigle Azur outlines A330 operation in S18

Aigle Azur in late-February 2018 filed planned A330-200 operation, scheduled to enter service from late-April 2018. Planned A330 operation as follows.

Paris Orly – Algiers 30JUN18 – 03SEP18 3 weekly (4 weekly from 08JUL18)
Paris Orly – Bamako eff 28APR18 3 weekly
Paris Orly – Oran 01MAY18
Paris Orly – Porto eff 28APR18 3 weekly (until 29JUN18)
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China Southern removes planned A380 Amsterdam service in 3Q18

China Southern in last week’s schedule update removed planned Airbus A380 service resumption on Beijing – Amsterdam route, previously scheduled from 10JUL18 to 08OCT18. The airline will now continue to operate this route with A330-300 aircraft on daily basis for entire summer season.
CZ345 PEK0030 – 0530AMS 330 D
CZ346 AMS1440 – 0615+1PEK 330 D
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Three ex-VIM Airlines Boeing 777s destined for IrAero

Ex-VIM Airlines’ Boeing 777s will help IrAero to break into the long-haul market (Photo by Alexander Mishin / Transport-Photo.com)

Russia’s IrAero airline will receive three Boeing 777-200 aircraft that were previously operated by the now-defunct VIM Airlines. They will become the first widebody airliners in IrAero’s fleet. They are being acquired under operation leasing for five years and should join IrAero’s fleet in April and May of this year.

The Irkutsk-based airline will use the newly acquired aircraft to transport Chinese tourists to and from Russia. On February 26 Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency approved IrAero to operate once weekly flights to China on 14 routes out of Moscow and 5 out of St. Petersburg.

Currently Moscow’s Vnukovo airport is considered the most likely future base for IrAero’s 777s. Line maintenance for the aircraft will be carried out by Russian MRO provider UTG Maintenance & Engineering, which just opened a new line maintenance station at Pulkovo airport, in St. Petersburg. The aircraft will be painted into IrAero livery.

Before its exit from the market at the end of last year VIM Airlines was developing actively on the Chinese market. The airline, therefore, left a void in the market that IrAero stepped in to fill.

The decision of IrAero to enter the long-haul market is not without controversy. The carrier does not seem to have a well-formed development strategy. Currently the airline is trying to get the most out of its Sukhoi Superjet 100s, but most of its revenue comes from its use of Antonov An-24/26 and Bombardier CRJ100/200 regional aircraft.

By Artyom Korenyako
by Russian Aviation Insider

Uzbekistan Airways to phase out Russian-built Il-114-100 turboprops

The Uzbek flag carrier mainly used the type on domestic routes (Uzbekistan Airways)
Uzbekistan Airways has announced its decision to cease commercial operation of Ilyushin Il-114-100 regional turboprops. The airline is understood to be planning to replace the type with Airbus A320ceo/neo narrowbodies, but declined to comment further at press time. A source in the Uzbek commercial aviation industry told Russian Aviation Insider that the carrrier intends to lease out its six Il-114-100s.

Uzbekistan’s flag carrier operates its Ilyushins in a 52-seat configuration, powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW-127Н engines. The aircraft (registered UK-91104, UK-91105, UK-91106, UK-91107, UK-91108, and UK-91109) were built between 2006 and 2012, and were delivered to the airline between 2008 and 2013 under a series of contracts with Tashkent Chkalov Aviation Production Company (now known as Tashkent Mechanical Plant).

According to Russian Aviation Insider’s source, only three of the airliners are in airworthy condition; the remaining three are either grounded or undergoing maintenance. The airline’s technical personnel involved with the Il-114 will undergo retraining on unspecified new types. The turboprops are expected to be phased out within the next month or two.

The source noted that the decision to phase out the Ilyushins is solely down to their insufficient seating capacity, and stressed the absence of any technical issues: “There have, admittedly, been some aftersale support hiccups. The OEM could have communicated better, for one. However, any issues involving these aircraft would be resolved successfully.”

Uzbekistan Airways’ Il-114-100s have been operating scheduled services within the country and to neighboring CIS states. The shortest flight on the type, from Tashkent to Navoiy (also in Uzbekistan) lasted 55 minutes; the longest one, between Tashkent and Nukus (another Uzbek destination), took 2 hours 20 minutes.

Along with the A320ceo/neo plans, the carrier is looking to purchase Embraer business jets for corporate charter flights.

Uzbekistan Airways currently is the only Il-114 commercial operator in the world. According to the source, Kyrgyzstan’s Air KG, the subsidiary of Manas International Airport, has expressed interest in taking the Uzbek operator’s Ilyushins on lease.
by Russian Aviation Insider