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Airshow - CALC, Friedmann Pacific Sign Up for 60 ARJ21

China Aircraft Leasing Group (CALC) and aviation investment company Friedmann Pacific Asset Management have signed a preliminary order with Comac for 60 ARJ21-700s.

An Indonesian airline acquired by Friedmann Pacific is expected to operate the aircraft. Deliveries are expected to start in 2017 or early 2018, Friedmann Pacific Chairman Mike Poon told Aviation Week at the Farnborough International Airshow.

Poon declined to identify the airline, which is already operating. Detailed plans will be announced shortly, he said. He wants the carrier to initially fly the ARJ21 on interisland routes before codesharing with other carriers at a later stage. The carrier does not currently have a hub in Jakarta, Indonesia, and will not move it there anytime soon.
"We have built up an aviation value chain, and are now extending it into airline operations," Poon said. "[As an island nation,] Indonesia is the perfect first overseas market for the ARJ21. [The order] shall be a good foundation for the development of [the] C919 and other products." He pointed out that Friedmann Pacific is "putting our resources into enhancing the position of Chinese aircraft internationally."

Jens Dunker, CALC's senior vice president of aircraft trading and global marketing, said the lessor is trying to diversify its portfolio of aircraft, and is also trying to enter into business relationships with new operators.

Friedmann Pacific and CALC are both based in Hong Kong. Friedman owns a 30% stake in CALC, but neither of the companies has any ownership links with Comac or AVIC. Friedmann Pacific 
participates in a consortium that has bought a stake in Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in France. The consortium also has acquired Tirana International Airport Nene Tereza in Albania.

CALC was the first independent lessor from China. It currently has outstanding orders for 23 Airbus A320s, 74 A320neos and six A321s.

The ARJ21 entered commercial service with AVIC-owned Chengdu Airlines earlier this year, 14 years after it was originally announced. The company's leasing arm, AVIC Leasing, also announced an order for 30 ARJ21s.


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