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Astralis Club eyes international VIP B747 flights

The Astralis Club (London Heathrow) is a new UK-based virtual carrier looking to offer premium international services using VIP-configured B747-400s.

Managing Director, Tony Easton, says the aircraft will be converted and outfitted to feel more like a private club than an airliner with several lounges, a piano bar, a bistro restaurant and other amenities.

“Air travel lost its glamour during the 1960s," he said in a statement. "Today, the endless queues, delays and fight for space render air travel little more than a tolerated necessity – and the death of Concorde added a huge prestige gap. The British Astralis Club changes this by returning international air travel to its ‘golden era’ of the 1930s, '40s and '50s – a time when the journey, as well as the destination, were a pleasure to be savoured in the company of a small and exclusive group of like-minded travelers."

Initial services will cover London to Dubai and London to New York. No timescales have yet been disclosed.

Astralis Club operates alongside The Flight Company International Ltd which provides aircraft acquisition and sales (airline and corporate) services, international aviation consultancy, and the provision of bespoke aviation solutions.
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