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Norwegian expands domestic Spain flights from Barcelona in W16

Jim Liu - Airlineroute, Routesonline / Photo:FPP

Norwegian at the launch of winter timetable plans to expand selected domestic service within Spain, to/from Barcelona. From 30OCT16, additional flights will be added for Bilbao, Palma Mallorca and Tenerife South. Planned schedule as follow.

Barcelona – Bilbao Increase from 7 to 19 weekly

D85730 BCN0615 – 0730BIO 73H x7

D85734 BCN1630 – 1745BIO 73H x15

D85734 BCN1645 – 1800BIO 73H 15

D85736 BCN2005 – 2120BIO 73H x156

D85736 BCN2020 – 2135BIO 73H 15

D85731 BIO0810 – 0920BCN 73H x7

D85735 BIO1820 – 1930BCN 73H x15

D85735 BIO1835 – 1945BCN 73H 15

D85737 BIO2155 – 2310BCN 73H x156

D85737 BIO2210 – 2325BCN 73H 15

Barcelona – Palma Mallorca Increase from 13 to 24 weekly

D86789 BCN0755 – 0850PMI 73H D

D86791 BCN1100 – 1155PMI 73H x236

D86793 BCN1815 – 1910PMI 73H x6

D86795 BCN2045 – 2140PMI 73H 6

D86795 BCN2115 – 2210PMI 73H x6

D86788 PMI0625 – 0715BCN 73H D

D86790 PMI0930 – 1020BCN 73H x236

D86792 PMI1650 – 1740BCN 73H x6

D86794 PMI1920 – 2010BCN 73H 6

D86794 PMI1950 – 2040BCN 73H x6

Barcelona – Tenerife South Increase from 6 to 7 weekly

D85756 BCN0645 – 0915TFS 73H D

D85757 TFS0950 – 1410BCN 73H D

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