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Swiss Revises CSeries W16 operations

Jim Liu - Airlineroute, Routesonline

SWISS recently has adjusted its scheduled Bombardier CSeries CS100 service entry on various routes in Europe, as a result of aircraft delivery delay. As of 09SEP16, revised CS100 service entry on following routes as follow.
eff 30OCT16 Zurich – Hamburg No changes to CS100 service entry

eff 01NOV16 Zurich – Madrid Previously scheduled from 01NOV16

eff 01NOV16 Zurich – Venice Previously scheduled in Sep/Oct 2016

eff 02NOV16 Zurich – Geneva Previously scheduled from 30OCT16

eff 05NOV16 Zurich – Berlin Tegel Previously scheduled from 13NOV16

eff 05NOV16 Zurich – Rome Previously scheduled from 11NOV16

eff 06DEC16 Zurich – Birmingham Previously scheduled from 07NOV16

eff 08DEC16 Zurich – Nice Previously scheduled from 16OCT16

eff 10DEC16 Zurich – Belgrade Previously scheduled from 12NOV16

eff 16DEC16 Zurich – Oslo Previously scheduled from 24NOV16

eff 17DEC16 Zurich – Munich Previously scheduled from 19DEC16

eff 16JAN17 Zurich – Luxembourg Previously scheduled from 31OCT16

eff 19FEB17 Zurich – Naples No changes to CS100 service (However planned CS100 service for the 

week of 30OCT16 is cancelled)

eff 21FEB17 Zurich – Gothenburg Previously scheduled from 19FEB17

eff 15MAR17 Zurich – London Heathrow Previously scheduled from 16NOV16

eff 16MAR17 Zurich – Dusseldorf Previously scheduled from 03OCT16

eff 16MAR17 Zurich – Krakow Previously scheduled as one-time service on 29JAN17

eff 17MAR17 Zurich – Frankfurt Previously scheduled from 20NOV16

eff 18MAR17 Zurich – Amsterdam Previously scheduled from 30OCT16

eff 19MAR17 Zurich – Milan Malpensa Previously scheduled from 03OCT16

Planned CS100 service on following routes is now cancelled: (including previously scheduled operational period):
Geneva – Munich 05MAR17 – 25MAR17

Geneva – Valencia 11FEB17 – 25MAR17

Zurich – Alicante 18MAR17 – 25MAR17

Zurich – Dresden 03FEB17 – 25MAR17

Zurich – Florence 30OCT16 – 25MAR17

Zurich – Graz 15FEB17 – 25MAR17

Zurich – Leipzig 16NOV16 – 25MAR17

Zurich – Manchester 14NOV16 – 25MAR17 (However CS100 service is scheduled on 11DEC16 / 19MAR17)

Zurich – Sofia 04DEC16 – 29JAN17

Zurich – Valencia 23NOV16 – 07DEC16

Zurich – Vienna 05NOV16 – 28JAN17

Other changes to CS100 operations:

Zurich – Hanover No CS100 operation 29OCT16 – 27DEC16, no changes
Zurich – Paris CDG No CS100 operation 30OCT16 – 14JAN17

Zurich – Stuttgart CS100 operation revised to 11DEC16 – 19FEB17 only

The CS100 will continue to operate service to Brussels, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw on/after 30OCT16, with minor frequency adjustments.

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