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Norwegian W18 London Gatwick long-haul changes as of 21JAN18

Norwegian in the week of 21JAN18’s the OAG Schedules Analyser update filed preliminary winter 2018/19 long-haul schedule, which sees selected long-haul service changes from London Gatwick. From late-October 2018, most London Gatwick – US service will be operating under Norwegian Air UK’s DI-coded flight numbers, replacing current Norwegian Air Shuttle’s DY-coded flight numbers.

eff 28OCT18 London Gatwick – Boston
eff 28OCT18 London Gatwick – Los Angeles (eff 27OCT18 from Los Angeles)
eff 28OCT18 London Gatwick – New York JFK (eff 27OCT18 from New York JFK)
eff 28OCT18 London Gatwick – Oakland (eff 27OCT18 from Oakland)
eff 28OCT18 London Gatwick – Orlando (eff 27OCT18 from Orlando)
eff 28OCT18 London Gatwick – Seattle
eff 29OCT18 London Gatwick – Ft. Lauderdale (eff 30OCT18 from Ft. Lauderdale)eff 29OCT18 London Gatwick – Las Vegas
eff 30OCT18 London Gatwick – Denver

Reservations for flights on/after 28OCT18 will be available in the next few days.
By Jim Liu - Routes Online

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