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Rosaviatsia outlines criteria for MetroJet to resume flights

MetroJet (Russia) (7K, Moscow Domodedovo) may only resume commercial operations once it has satisfied the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) that it is both financially and operationally fit to do so the watchdog's Director General, Alexander Neradko, has said.

The leisure specialist was embargoed from operating domestic and international flights in March this year following severe financial difficulties brought on by the downing of one of its A321-200s over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula late last year as well as Russia's curbing of charter flights to Turkey.
Neradko told Russia's Interfax news agency that for Kogalymavia, operating as MetroJet, to return to flight status, it would first need to settle any arrears owed to its staff and creditors while ensuring all personnel qualifications are brought up to date. It would also have to recertify its fleet of three A321-200s as airworthy following a now three-month period of inactivity, he said.

Thus far, Neradko added, Rosaviatsia has yet to receive any form of documentary proof from management.
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