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Air China Southwest Receives Three A330s and Three A319s

Air China's Southwest Branch, which has the nation's largest plateau fleet, took delivery of six new Airbus aircraft in late May.

Composed of three A330-300s and three A319s, the six new aircraft, Registration B-5956, B-5957, B-5958, B-6468, B-6478 and B-6479, have been authorized by CAAC North China Regional Administration to serve high-altitude airports.

These airplanes were delivered after October 2014 and equipped well for operating in highland weather and conditions, like high-performance engines and improved technique performances of cabin pressurization system, oxygen system and brake system. Besides, the A319, known as the "Plateau Prince", is equipped with fuel-saving Sharklets - lightweight composite wingtip devices.

Up to date, Air China Southwest operates 28 Airbus aircraft, including 21 A319s, four A330-200s and three A330-300s, with an average age of 8.4 years.
China Aviation Daily

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