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Fly Baghdad story began in the early 2014, a group of Iraqi businessmen who have a high experience in airlines and travels industry, decided to establish an airline, in which the dream came true and the airline established.

July15, 2015 Fly Baghdad has launched first flight between Baghdad and Erbil with three flights a day, now we operate to Erbil, Sulaymania , Istanbul, Najaf , Basra, Mashhad , Tehran , Isfahan , kish , Beirut, Jeddah and Kuwait.
Very soon will operate to Bahrain, Muscat, Sharjah, Karachi, Larnaca and Tunis.

We operate A320, B737 & CRJ200 in total we have 5 aircrafts to serve schedule and charter flights.
Fly Baghdad aim is to become one of the leading airlines in the region that serve its customers and obtain their loyalty, by offering quality of services on board as well as on ground.

As part of long term plans of Fly Baghdad is to boost the economy, tourism, job opportunities and support the national & international passengers in their travel needs.
Maintain & expand our customer base, routes, be a first choice for our customers, offer best quality services, competitive fares and maintain our customer satisfaction.
Fly Baghdad
ILGAZ DEGER - Istanbul - Sabiha Gökçen International (SAW / LTFJ) , Turkey

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