quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2016

Sterna A300-B4 at Recife on Oct. 21, Nose Gear Collapse and Runway Excursion on Landing

A Sterna Linhas Aereas Airbus A300-B4, registration PR-STN performing postal cargo flight STR-9302 from Sao Paulo Guarulhos, SP to Recife, PE (Brazil) with 3 crew, landed on Recife's runway 18 at about 6:10 a.m. L, however, the nose gear collapsed upon touchdown, the aircraft veered right off the runway and came to a stop with both main gear and aircraft nose on soft ground. There were no injuries, the aircraft received substantial damage.
The crew deployed the L1 slide, the slide inflated but detached from the aircraft before the crew could vacate the aircraft, the crew subsequently left the aircraft via ladders.

The runway was closed for about 2 hours as result of the occurrence.
By Simon Hradecky, The Aviation Herald

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