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Thomson Airways Schedules Boeing 787-9 W16 Nordic Operations 8 Shares

Thomson Airways in the week of 29MAY16’s OAG Schedules Analyser update has filed planned Boeing 787-9 operation for winter 2016/17 season, which will operate on a number of Scandinavian routes. Planned 787-9 operation in winter 2016/17 season as follow.

eff 12DEC16 Helsinki – Phuket 2 weekly (Additional 787-9 service operates bi-weekly)

eff 13DEC16 Copenhagen – Phuket 1 weekly

eff 13DEC16 Helsinki – Krabi 2 weekly (Additional 787-9 service operates bi-weekly)

eff 13DEC16 Stockholm Arlanda – Cancun 1 weekly

eff 14DEC16 Copenhagen – Krabi 2 weekly

eff 14DEC16 Helsinki – Mauritius bi-weekly

eff 14DEC16 Stockholm Arlanda – Montego Bay 1 weekly

eff 16DEC16 Copenhagen – Cancun 1 weekly

eff 16DEC16 Stockholm Arlanda – Colombo bi-weekly

eff 17DEC16 Stockholm Arlanda – Mauritius 1 weekly

eff 18DEC16 Helsinki – Cancun 1 weekly

eff 18DEC16 Stockholm Arlanda – Phu Quoc 1 weekly

eff 21DEC16 Copenhagen – Mauritius bi-weekly

eff 23DEC16 Helsinki – Colombo bi-weekly
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